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Beaumont Bags

Our Story

In Autumn 2012 I was with friends making our way through India on a holiday/adventure and came across a shop selling wonderful handmade bags - my perfect kind of bag - and it was love at first sight.  The only problem was which to choose, and an iPad sized bag and barrel bag won and joined us on our travels around this amazing country.

I visited the shop several times while I was in the area, enthusing over the bags, and made friends with the owner.  I was totally hooked and wanted to be involved and surrounded by these leather bags and promised to contact him as soon as I was back.

Returning home with my bags still totally intact, (in fact even more beautiful with the constant use), was really a light bulb moment.  I felt that these beautiful creations should be available to people outside of India’s tourism pitstops, everyone deserved the chance to own a bag as lovely as mine.  

So, a few e-mails later my first order was on its way.  A taste of India landed in Sheffield and Beaumont Bags was born.  The first order arrived with a selection of handmade satchels and saddle bags which were snapped up as quickly as they'd taken to arrive!  Made from goat skins, they are unique and take on their own personality, being naturally tanned, (no harmful chemicals) then oiled (giving the distressed/vintage look) and laid out to soak up the Indian sun.

Our collection has expanded over the years and to compliment our Classic brown leather collection we have an amazing range of coloured recycled leather bags, our Harlequin range.  Our supplier runs a co-operative of artisan workers who source the leather offcuts, destined for landfill, and craft the leather into little unique masterpieces.  

Our latest range, Gentlemen’s Club, are beautifully crafted bags made from buffalo skin, a hard-wearing, tactile leather.

We have been featured in Exposed Magazine, Elle and Company, had a stand at the Clothes Show, NEC and our bags are stocked in stores (details). Most weekends we attend craft fairs/festivals/country fairs - Tour Dates give details on where we will be.

Disclaimer:  Don’t worry, we don’t exploit the hard working Indians!  Our Classic bag orders have helped to keep that business sustainable throughout the lengthy quiet season, keeping the craftsmen employed an additional 7 months of the year. 

Whilst the Harlequin & Gentlemen’s bags are made by a co-operative of skilled men and women workers who earn a proper wage enabling them to send their children to school.

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