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Handmade Leather Backpack - ‘crunch’leather

Image of Handmade Leather Backpack - ‘crunch’leather

Great sturdy backpack in vintage-looking crinkly leather - brand new but looks well worn. In 2 sizes.
Inside there’s a zipped pocket, one to the back (handy, but secure), and two zipped compartments to the front.
It’s well designed, with good safety features - it fastens with a twin zip and a large flap covers right over the closure and front pockets for extra security.
It has long adjustable shoulder strap and hanging/carry strap.

Width: 25cm (9.9”)
Length: 33cm (13”)
Depth: 8cm (3”)

Width: 23cm (9”)
Length: 29cm (11”)
Depth: 6cm (2.5”)